As winegrowers we believe that wine is primarily grown in the vineyard .

The health of our vineyards and the ecosystems that surround them are the ultimate determiners of wine quality. We operate our vineyards organically and are Bio Gro certified.

Central Otago throws up its own challenges to any vigneron. We are at latitude 45 deg south, the growing season is warm and dry with cool nights. It is a short season however with a risk of frost early and late.

We actively restrict crop levels and manage the vine canopy to achieve balance and uniform ripeness regardless of variety.

Our climate and soils are unique with the parent rock being glacially derived schist. Most of the soils have been cultivated only a few times in the 100 years before the viticulturists arrived, some not at all.

We are fans of Central Otago's sub regions. These sub regions exhibit significant differences in wine expression, all of which we believe can be excellent examples of Central Otago wine.

All of our vineyards are within Central Otago's sub regions.
We have a cluster of three small vineyards near Lowburn, Cromwell, a vineyard on Felton Road in Bannockburn, Cromwell, and, two vineyard sites in Gibbston near Queenstown.

Estate Vineyards - Mount Edward's Cromwell Vineyards are the Morrison Vineyard in Lowburn, Muirkirk Vineyard on Felton Road and Susan’s Vineyard on Cairnmuir Road, both in Bannockburn. Mount Edward's Gibbston Vineyard is the Drumlin Vineyard on Coalpit Rd.

Grower Vineyards - Mount Edward's Grower vineyards in Cromwell are the Pisa Terrace Vineyard on Wanaka Rd in Lowburn, and the L'Attitude Vineyard on Smith's Way in Lowburn. In Gibbston it is The Pagan vineyard. 

All our grower vineyards are either certified organic or have begun the process towards organic conversion.