Who are we ?, where are we ? what do we do ? Well you will need to travel to the Gibbston grape growing region, just out of  Queenstown, to find out  – or read abit more here…..

Founded in 1997, the winery was originally started as a small personal project,  a very traditional style of winery producing Pinot Noir and Riesling.  We have morphed into completely different growers over the last 2O years, driven by a desire to be progressive and individual.  Organically run, with each and every wine wanting to be a pleasure to drink.

Our heart is all about Pinot Noir, making wines that are just delicious  – textural, subtle, moreish wines – each different from the next, each unique to their place and our style. We grow and make a variety of other wines to keep the head happy,  everything from Pet Nat to Orange to Gamay to Chardonnay – we even have the odd Riesling for the dedicated amongst us.

We welcome visitors  – give us a call first as we aren’t always here, send us a message or just a friendly wave will do. Whatever the case, our doors are open.

Our wines are sold around the world, our wines, people, and personality are 100% Central Otago.