TED Mt Edward Wine Pinot Noir
available to cellar crew and includes library release of Gamay

Ted Winemakers Selection

I don’t want to pick individual wines, just send me the Ted winemakers selection please! Price is per 12 bottles and includes the following wines, being current vintages of;

Mount Edward Pinot Noir *3 bottles

TED Pinot Noir * 3 bottles

Mount Edward Gamay * 1 bottle

Mount Edward Chardonnay * 1 bottle

Mount Edward Riesling *1 bottle

TED Rose * 1 bottle

TED Pinot Blanc *1 bottle

TED Pinot Gris * 1 bottle


I will get this selection once a year each November ( and can let you know if I want to make any changes in varieties etc because I know how flexible you all are).

We will let you know if we need to make any changes due to unavailability etc.

$399.00 / year

Our Wine Guide:

MOUNT EDWARD 34 Coalpit Rd, Gibbston, Queenstown 9371 Cellar Door by Appointment, Call 03 442 6113