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Old Knowledge

Vintage 2019

is shaping up to be one of the most diverse seasons yet exciting vintages in quite some time. Rainfall, huge swings in temperature, frosts, one of the wettest seasons we can remember yet also the 5th hottest.  Spring gave us frosts and rainfall, if you dodged the frosts, which we did, then growth was early and […]


Vintage 2018

was the season that made you realise that if climate change wasn’t real then neither were you. September arrived with only a hint of what was to come, some unusually warm weather with a small bout of heavy rain. We then had 4 successive months of the warmest temperatures on record, amazing. In living memory […]


Vintage 2017

was a season of variability, with some of the earliest starts to warm weather and shoot growth we have seen; a terrible ski season gave us something at least. What we thought an impending warm season then turned continuously on its head, wind was the prevalent currency early on combined with cooler night time temperatures. […]


Vintage 2016

A warm spring followed a winter of high rainfall meant shoot growth burst out of the blocks, this continued well into November and whilst the heat slowed the winds never let up creating havoc on young or weak growth. We then had a couple of months of both high diurnal shifts and continuing wind which […]


Vintage 2015

Central Otago Vintage 2015 A slow start to spring resulted in slow growth yet relatively normal growth ensued by the time we had flowering to somewhat settled weather in mid-December. We then saw some hot periods all summer without too much cool weather as a counterpoint, plenty of rain which gave lots of shoot growth and […]


Vintage 2014

Central Otago Vintage 2014 followed a season of contrasts. Spring came after a wet and warm winter, lots of growth, early and rapid. Winter never really leaves Central Otago and it came back in October with a series of frosts and cold weather, if your frost fighting was up to scratch then a good late spring […]

What We're Up To

Vintage 2020 – Name a fermenter

2020 vintage is in full swing! Every year we choose a theme for our fermenters and this year they are named after dances. We want you to name our last one and the winner wins a Magnum of delicious Gamay* (PS can be a ‘new dance’)! Here are the current ones, get creative and good […]


An Evolving Gallery

Graffiti is like getting a tattoo, once you get one it never stops, you just want another.  One of New Zealand’s legendary graffiti artist Kairau Bradley a.k.a HASER has been back for a 4th time at Mount Edward, fresh from running workshops for us at Sherwood and helping provide artwork for Bendix Stables, creating the living artwork that is […]


Birthday Celebrations

Mount Edward turned 21 this year, reason to celebrate no doubt, still here after 21 years is something we all can be proud of. That said we are only as good as the team around us and no less so than our 2nd longest serving employee Susie, well known to many of you. Arguably the […]



The LUMA Art’s festival is now Queenstown’s cornerstone Art and Culture event, attracting nearly 60,000 people each year over the Queens birthday weekend each start of June. Mount Edward is one of the principal partners and we are extremely proud of this association. We not only provide a financial contribution, our team helps produce art […]

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