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Vintage 2019

is shaping up to be one of the most diverse seasons yet exciting vintages in quite some time. Rainfall, huge swings in temperature, frosts, one of the wettest seasons we can remember yet also the 5th hottest.  Spring gave us frosts and rainfall, if you dodged the frosts, which we did, then growth was early and good. We saw a couple of months in which this pattern then continued inter-spaced with higher air temperatures. It got hotter but the season was slowed by low soil temperatures. This weather continued throughout flowering, giving variable fruit set and helping their harvest by allowing better berry spacing and condition. Summer was still wet but wind and cooler temperatures staved off deterioration. Temperatures then increased in March and with lower rainfall we had slower flavour advancements in the vineyard, we waited and waited then it all came off quick smart starting the end of March. Swings in temperature plus slow development has given us wines of vibrancy, tension and extremely good potential.

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